Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Let me introduce you (again) to the Redetzke family! We started our journey together in March of 2008 when “Baby Joe” was very much still a baby, fast forward to his first birthday party, then to a family/maternity session for Baby Charlieย and now you get to see Baby Charlie and Baby Joe (not so much a baby anymore) all grown up!

With the awesome help of J Grogg Photography, Brandi and I had the opportunity to shoot together and had an absolute BLAST! For all of you photographers out there, I encourage you to shoot with other photographers as much as possible! You’ll learn a ton about perspective, posing and interacting and you’ll have a lot of fun at the same time!

Thank you again for inviting us into your home and allowing us to take over your lives for a few hours! =) I can’t wait to see your family again!!!

The open doorway produced this amazing light!

So cute! Photograph by Brandi

While Brandi was inside taking photos of Charlie and his mommy, I hung out with Joe and his dad outside. Joe, is pretty much, incredible. He was driving his truck all around, dropping into reverse when he got stuck and made little asian ladies jealous of his driving skills (sorry mom)!

I love how he leans his entire body into his turns! I think we should get him a little motorcycle next, what do you say Sara? ๐Ÿ™‚

After we got into enough trouble driving around, Joe found an air hose that he thought was absolutely hilarious!

Brandi in action

The best part of the day (definitely for me) was when Joe turned the air hose and let loose on his mom’s hair!

So many things to love about this photograph…

The Redetzke Men

So here’s another new favorite of mine! Absolutely LOVE this!


Brandi’s Photograph

Charlie’s face just makes me smile! =)

Thanks to Brandi for getting this behind the scenes shot…

…and here’s the photograph that I took

And what’s a La Brisa Photography session without naked baby butt photos? ๐Ÿ™‚

Charlie in all of his cuteness

And to close, Brandi took this fabulous shot of just the parents!

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