The first time I met the Olsen family, I was wow’d and amazed by their beauty, grace and love for each other! Well, that was almost a year ago and since then, I have added Brandi as an associate photographer and I have moved to Brooklyn, NY. As a result, Brandi has taken the torch and has made me look bad by doing another amazing Olsen family session four months later! Then, a couple of months ago, Keaton celebrated his very 1st birthday and the Olsens invited Brandi back to help document the wonderful celebration!
I recently had an opportunity to go back to Manhattan, KS for a few weddings and when the Olsens said they were interested in a family session, Brandi and I were CRAZY excited to photograph our favorite clients TOGETHER! For some reason, awesomeness occurs when we shoot together plus it is SUPER fun !!!

Thank you for your continued support and love for La Brisa Photography! You are the best and Brandi and I definitely appreciate all of the referrals that you have sent our way!!! =)

How can you NOT love this family? How cute are they???

Really like the graininess to add a little texture to Keaton’s adorable look!

A moment between father and son. LOVE candids like this!

Originally, I had this idea that I really wanted to try with the Jenny, Luke and Keaton. I thought that they would be PERFECT for the concept and I absolutely LOVE the result!

LOVE this photo! Keaton’s little feet barely inching into the frame as his parents love each other!

Brandi’s shot!

Brandi always rocks the small details!

After awhile, I took Keaton and Brandi took a few of the beautiful parents!

Thumbs UP!


Brandi. Enough said.

And we’ll finish it off with Keaton leading his parents home =)

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