We came, we saw, we conquered. Literally and figuratively. This was one of my favorite engagement sessions ever because Ysabel and Louis rocked it out of the park! Super fun and totally comfortable couple with a love and connection for each other that is unparalleled. I could have photographed them all day and enjoyed every single click!
Thanks again and congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding!!!
We met at historic Coney Island Cyclone Roller Coaster; unfortunately it was closed, but still made for a sweet background!
“Made with Love.” Couldn’t agree more!
Love the horizontal lines in the background and the diagonal lines in the foreground and how Ysabel and Louis are at the intersecting point. Who says I didn’t learn anything in 9th grade geometry???
One of the coolest aspects of Coney Island is the boardwalk. In the background, you see the outline of the Parachute Jump ride that is known as the Eiffel Tower of Brooklyn. I really wanted to focus on the couple and so I used a heavy vignette to direct your attention =)
Joy. I thoroughly enjoy when couples are able to relax and just be comfortable and somewhat forget that I am even there. Ysabel was a natural!
Snuggly close.
We were about to head to the beach when Louis and I saw all of the fishermen just hanging out and we basically simultaneously started walking towards them. Because of the contrast, I wanted more of an editorial look and Ysabel and Louis nailed it!
Another one of my favorites! The fishermen kept looking at us, but they never said a word and continued to fish. It was awesome.
Absolutely beautiful light towards the end of the night. Classically beautiful. 
EPIC sunset at Coney Island!
Loving the silhouettes lately if you haven’t noticed! =)
One of my favorites!
Mixing it up a bit. It was nearly pitch black outside, this was shot at ISO 6400 while dragging the shutter.
Purposely out of focus. Seriously, Ysabel and Louis were AWESOME!
The new “LOVE”
Had an idea for a new ring shot and they helped me make it THAT much better
Was digging the motion and the colors of the people surrounding them AND that her engagement ring is a subtle part of the photograph
We had a subway car all to ourselves and I wanted to do a bit of an editorial look
Style and cuteness all wrapped up into one amazing couple
“Burrow your nose into his shoulder. ” Done perfectly.
One of the shots I had seen and been thinking about ever since I moved to NY is the one you see below with my own twist. We didn’t have time to set things up and so I said “Just start making out,” and they did so beautifully!