Brisa and I went to Houston to accomplish a few things and we had an awesome and very successful trip! It was my first time to Houston, so it was really nice to get a lay of the land and to explore the area where we will be spending our next 3 years! We ate some fantastic food, such as the Cannonball (breaded chicken stuffed avocado) at El Tiempo and I had a chance to explore Texas A&M a bit while Brisa was busy taking her Texas licensing exam! Plus, it gave me an opportunity to add a few more pictures to our Photography for a Cause event!

CAAAA-NOOOOOON-BAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLL (imagine you are jumping into a pool)!

Gorgeous vibrant flowers were EVERYWHERE!

Everything was so green! I consider this green! =)

And two variations (which do you prefer?) of the historic Century Tree on the campus of Texas A&M! The Century Tree has been a major fixture on Texas A&M’s campus since Old Army Days. Located in Academic plaza between Hart and Legett Residence Halls, it has become a favorite romantic spot among students. As the legend goes, if two lovers walk underneath the tree’s massive branches together, it is a sign that they will eventually marry. Moreover, If two lovers propose under the Century Tree, it is a sign that their marriage will last forever.