Life as an army spouse can be difficult, no, not difficult, just down right exhausting.The emotional strain of uncertainty and the nights alone day after day, and month after month can really take a toll on anyone. Little did I know, that one of my latest clients isn’t just “anyone.”  Not only has her husband been away for the last several months, she has been pregnant for most of his deployment. Liliana Carew is one of the strongest and most beautiful women I have ever met. Did I mention that we met at the dentist? Last Fall I had a wisdom tooth pulled and Liliana was one of the dental assistants. We spoke briefly about doing a maternity session and viola…great photos of an amazing experience ensued!  I was able to photograph Liliana in her home and although Bill couldn’t be there I tried to ensure that the photos were intimate and entirely captured the radiance of her pregnancy. A few weeks later Bill returned for R&R and just in time for Little Bill to arrive! I was able to get a few quick shots a week after baby William was born and I am so grateful that dad got to share in those moments. 
Liliana Carew, I salute you. Thank you so much for opening your home and your lives to me and I look forward to watching “little” Bill grow!