Through an amazing opportunity at my wife’s office, Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group ~ Brooklynย (VERG), I was able to decorate the front lobby and main hallway with a few of my favorite pet photographs! I definitely feel honored and privileged for the opportunity and with a bit of help from my friends, family and fellow photographers, I selected a variety of pictures to present as my vision for the space. We decided on using 2.5″ think museum quality canvas wraps for a consistent theme throughout the office and I am extremely pleased with the results!

A huge amount of thanks goes to the awesome staff at VERG for their support and encouragement with the pictures and obviously, I could not have even dreamed of the opportunity let alone fulfilled it without my amazing wife!

Lastly, I just wanted to thank all of my former clients for allowing me to take these pictures of their cherished four legged children! ๐Ÿ™‚

I ordered 20 canvas wraps ranging in size from 16×20 to 20×40 for various places in the office. To say I was a bit overwhelmed when they arrived would be an understatement.

I went through and checked them all and they all looked perfect!
For Lobby/Waiting Area, I went with an all black and white theme for a very clean and open look to the room
The 4 wraps side by side are each 24″x36″
The 2 wraps on the right are each 16″x20″
Facing the front door
The 2 wraps on the left are 16″x20″ and the vertical wrap is 24″x36″
For the front desk, I wanted to separate the areas a bit and further their branding with a landscape 20″x40″ wrap of the Brooklyn Bridge in color
From the front desk, you walk into the main area with the exam rooms and due to the narrow quarters, I selected color photos so that they would really “pop” off the walls
The wrap on the right is 24×36″ and the wrap on the left is 24″x24″
Both of these wraps are 16″x30″

For all of the canvas wraps, I used White House Custom Color and they did phenomenally well! I’d love to hear your impressions/comments on everything! Selecting the pictures and the placement of those pictures was possibly one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in photography because I have always been and always will be my harshest critic (like most photographers)! =)

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