Yesterday, I ventured out to a new area of Brooklyn and I had an awesome time! With all of the snowfall, there were TONS of families out and about sledding, making snowmen and just enjoying a beautiful snow filled Sunday afternoon at Prospect Park! Happy first day of March everyone!
I love empty subway stops. Something about the contrast between expectation and reality
What are you waiting for? Why not just go out and do it?

Remnants of a late night/early morning

A friend suggested that this reminded her of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and I totally agree!

Really like the contrast

The sky was glorious yesterday

Your day isn’t complete without seeing a cross country skier trekking along at the park

These signs were posted all around this mini lake. Hopefully they haven’t seen much use!

A lost loved one

People are quite creative with their snow creations 🙂

There were at least 15 hills throughout the park with scenes exactly like this

A hard day of sledding ends tragically for this guy

Someone was using this old beat up suitcase for their sled. Talk about going retro!

For ages 2 and up


Stumbled upon the Brooklyn Public Library

Really enjoy seeing all of these quaint homes in Brooklyn

The end of a father and daughter day

Time to head home