I took the doggies out today for their morning walk and once they caught a glimpse of the snow, they went absolutely bananas! Yes, that’s right. Bananas! As my wife likes to say, they were running around like wild banshees! Paz and Figgins sure love snow and we’ve been getting quite a bit of it in Brooklyn! Thankfully, people were staying off the roads so we had quite a bit of area to play! Just another day in Brooklyn for the Hsieh canines!

Mom’s work on the left, snow covered cars on the right and Paz sneaking her head into the frame in the lower right
Figgins loves to jump into and out of large piles of snow. I think it’s her favorite thing in the world besides sleeping and eating, of course.

I don’t know, I just like 🙂

Figgy, again, doing what she does best

During the next series of photos, I promise that no animals were hurt and that they really do love each other! Figgy just tends to play a little aggressively that’s all. When she was a puppy, we used to call her “Monster” and she’s mostly grown out of it…kinda 🙂 By the way, I shot these all from the hip without looking through the viewfinder. In this case, I call this technique, the “Dog Cam” perspective =)

I love when accidents like this happen and it makes your pictures look and feel so much more artistic 🙂

Happy Friday everyone!