Back in May of 2009, I had the distinct honor and pleasure of photographing Lindsey & Chris’ engagement session (click me!) and I totally remembered how they were all about taking pictures. Seriously, our typical 1.5 hour session lasted nearly 3 hours because they were so much fun and they were willing to do anything I asked of them! Well, fast forward 8 months and you’ll be happy to know that they have not changed one bit! My first wedding in 2010 was EPIC. And I don’t throw that word around lightly. From the bride and groom, to the location, to the wedding party, to the families, to the ceremony to the rockin Kansas sunset and to the energetic and super fun reception, it was perfect!

We planned out their day together and so we afforded ourselves a TON of time for portraits and it was simply awesome! Lindsey was super calm and excited throughout the day because she had everything exquisitely planned and so she was just excited to enjoy her awesome day!

The ladies started out at the hair salon while the gentlemen were clay shooting in the morning. Quite the contradiction, right? I love when couples make the day their own, you know? How often do you get an opportunity to hang out with so many of your family and friends? Might as well enjoy yourselves! 🙂

Thank you to both the Shellenberger and Koochel families for being incredibly welcoming and generous with their time. I felt like part of the gang from the minute I walked in to the rehearsal! Also, I MUST give a shout-out to the freakin awesome wedding party! Gorgeous? Check. Super fun? Check. Willing to do whatever I asked them to do? Double check. You all made my job sooooo much easier!

And a HUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEE thank you goes out to Amanda from A. Staats Photography who was literally a godsend! Not only did she take amazing photos, she also helped me stay extremely organized and on task! I could not have done this wedding without her and as you’ll see below, she totally rocked it! If you are looking for a photographer in the Manhattan, KS area, definitely check out her work!

Congratulations again to Lindsey and Chris! It was honestly an honor and privilege to be asked to photograph your wedding and I wish you many many blessings as you begin your life together as one.

CAUTION: I have posted tons of photos and be sure to check out their slideshow at the end! It is 6 minutes long, but completely worth it! Trust me! To view all of Lindsey and Chris’ wedding pictures, check out their online gallery: Lindsey & Chris – Love!

The bride getting ready

I love it when all the bridesmaid go to watch the bride get ready.
hello gorgeous!
While the girls were getting more beautiful, Chris and the guys were blowing off some steam…
The sky in Western Kansas is unbelievable
Chris = groom = STUD
Back to the ladies…after the hair salon, they went to Lindsey’s parents’ house to finish getting ready
Did I mention that Lindsey is a super planner?
The Dress
First Look
Thanks to Amanda for taking this awesome shot!
How cute are these two? Don’t they just make you smile? 🙂
Get in snuggly close!
A little love for the wedding party
Fabulous shot from Amanda!
Love the look that the father gives his daughter as he walks her down the aisle
After the ceremony, we headed to an open field and took advantage of another amazing Kansas sunset
Love love love this shot by Amanda!
Told you they were fun!
Onto the reception where their cake was beautiful and of course, black and white!
During the reception, I show a slideshow of a few images from the day and Amanda took this great photo of the newlyweds and their moms’ reactions!
First dance
Then the real craziness began and this group knew how to PAR-TY!
A perfect ending to a perfect day =)
Now, check out the slideshow of their entire day! (To view it in HD – you may need to wait a few minutes for it to load before it’ll start playing, click here: Lindsey & Chris – Story of Love)