Yesterday in Brooklyn, we probably received about a foot of snow from the series of storms that has blasted the northeast over the past week! In true New Yorker resilient style though, people did not skip a beat: buses were running, people were walking, cars were in the streets and businesses were open! After I walked to the post office to mail off a few things, I went exploring a little bit with my camera. I gotta admit, my camera equipment is tough! Basically, everything was soaked, but the lenses kept focusing and the camera kept shooting! 🙂
I ventured around Brooklyn Heights and here is what I saw:
A snow plow driver had accidentally cut his turn a bit too close and was stuck. He had to wait for the driver in the other car to move before he could leave without crushing the other car. Poor guy. A city worker in his Prius took the opportunity to drive around him via the sidewalk.
Dogs were everywhere yesterday! People were out walking and playing with their dogs all over Brooklyn! Kinda felt like one big dog park 🙂

Love the feeling of serenity in this shot. 

At the Promenade (an open area with a view of Manhattan), I stumbled across this view and I immediately stopped and fell silent.

I was still squatting from taking the previous photo when I turned around to see this shot. Sometimes, your best shots are behind you.

Kids of all ages were LOVIN the snow! This is just one of many kids hitchin a ride via their parents that I saw yesterday. So cute, right?

Really really enjoy seeing the amazing relationship between dog and owner.

Sometimes you just need to stop and slow down in life.

Through the bars (and the clouds), you can see the lower east side of Manhattan in the background

Snowman-builders were out in full force and I absolutely adored this particular snowman’s spiky hair!

A mother and her daughter 🙂