Four years ago on Martin Luther King Jr’s holiday, I was blessed with something that turned my life upside down. I immediately got less sleep, spent a lot more money, took days off of work, increased my level of responsibility ten-fold AND I had never been happier! For years (literally), I had dreamed about getting a dog to call my own and four years ago today, it finally happened!
Thanks to my sister for letting me borrow the $100 to rescue her and thanks to my brother in law for driving us almost to the West Virginia/Virginia border just to see her! I already had two names picked out, 1) Paz – meaning peace in Spanish and 2) Buddy – because she’d always be my buddy. When we arrived, I knew as soon as I saw her that she was the one and her name would be Paz.  So freakin adorable. Very shy and timid, she made you just want to pick her up and hug her until she popped! 🙂 A lady had found her and her siblings in an abandoned home in the mountains of West Virginia and Paz was definitely the runt of the group. She was TINY and had to fight for her food because she had a sister who the rescuers had named “Big” because she was probably twice the size of Paz and would eat all of the food!
By the way, for all of you single men out there, cute puppies are BABE-MAGNETS! No joke, everywhere I went with her, the ladies would drool all over her. (Don’t worry everyone, my wife knows all about the power of puppy cuteness and I am innocent of any wrongdoing!)

Can’t believe my Pazy-Wazy (one of her 10 billion nicknames) is 4 years old! Amazing how time flies!
Here are a few photos when I first brought her home…
See how huggably cute she was?
I was already rockin the K-State gear…who knew?
No task was too big for my little princess!
And somehow, she grew up to be a complete butthead, but you gotta love her!