After a wonderful visit to see my parents, do an engagement session (that will be blogged about soon) and hang out with my best friend in San Jose, CA, I was hanging out at the airport for me redeye flight back to New York. Well, my flight was delayed for over an hour and so what should a photographer do with extra down time?
That’s right! Take pictures! So I put attached my Canon Super Ultra Wide 16-35 f/2.8L lens onto my Canon 5D Mark II camera and played around a bit. I really wanted to play with some long exposures and so I set my camera to TV mode at 30 seconds, lowered my ISO to 100 and increased my exposure compensation to +1 and then snapped away.
This first picture was completely by accident. As I was adjusting my settings, I hit the shutter and started moving the camera all around waiting for the 30 seconds to end. Afterwards, I looked at my LCD and was quite pleased with the results! I love accidental photography. I believe it is my specialty! 🙂
For the last picture, I used the same settings and I set my camera down on the moving walkway. I was very careful though to not allow my camera strap to get sucked into the creases of the walkway because that would have been uber embarrassing, right? I really really like how this one. Love the stillness + movement all wrapped into one photograph.
Lessons of the day for all of you photographers: 1) always have your camera and 2) try to avoid taking pictures from the typical vantage point (i.e. standing up straight with camera to face) for those creative shots!