After a week of festivities with family, friends and absolute strangers who became your new best friends (come on, don’t tell me that this only happens to me at New Year’s Eve parties!), most people are being extremely unproductive at work today and so I thought I would assist you with your inefficiency with a few photos! 🙂
I had the distinct pleasure of hanging out with Sara of Sara Mays Photography (who assisted me on a TON of photo shoots this past summer) and her awesome husband, Cameron, who were visiting New Year for a week! We spent a few days together taking photos and celebrating the New Year! For whatever reason, Sara insisted that she didn’t want to take any photos with her hubby (for which I was quite bummed), but I did sweet talk them into taking a few shots underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. Come on, how cute are they? Really wished we could’ve done a full session (yes Sara, I’m giving you a guilt trip)!
And this is Sara and Cameron getting snugly close!
Sara and Cameron also joined us for a low key New Year’s Eve celebration at a local Irish pub with a few of Brisa’s co-workers. Even with Brisa sick and most of her co-workers having just worked a 12 hour shift, we still managed on having a fabulous time 🙂
There definitely was a theme with these two…

What can I say? We party like rockstars.
On New Year’s Day, there was a Polar Bear Swim at Coney Island that I heard about a little too late, but I decided to make the trip and snapped a few photographs of the late arrivals/participants. If Brisa was with me, I probably would’ve jumped in too, but she was working and as a result, unable to take care of me after my stupidity so I stayed dry. More than 1,000 revelers participated and the water temperature was a tropical 44 degrees. You can view more info and pictures from other photographers (whom I assume were male): Coney Island Polar Bear Swim
Looks like someone forgot something…

Although I didn’t eat there, when you think Coney Island, you think hot dogs!