As most of you already know, my family means the world to me. For Christmas this year, everyone met up in Northern Virginia to celebrate Christmas as an entire family! From CA and NY, we all traveled down to remember and glorify Christ’s birth at my sister’s house! 

8 adults + 2 babies + 3 dogs in 1 house = an eventful few days, but it was glorious to be together at the same time!

I have been blessed with an amazingly close-knit family and it always breaks my heart to hear about how others do not have the same supportive, loving and caring family like mine. Growing up, I assumed everyone’s family was the same, but I realized that what we have is very special and should be cherished each and every day.

So I am incredibly grateful for my family and especially to my parents who struggled, adapted, thrived and can thoroughly enjoy their accomplishments. 

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas too!!!

Grandparents + Grandsons

Timmy, my youngest nephew

Like I said on Facebook, my nephews are cuter than your nephews!

Matty, aka The Meatball

Our big happy family!

The Chu Family

The Yeh Family

The Hsieh Family

Grandmother, mothers and grandsons

At the end of the day, I think Genius sums up how we all felt!