Paint ball guns, brick walls and freezing temperatures…that’s all you really need for a good time, right? Well, that’s all Derek needed to rock out his senior portraits! If I learned anything on this shoot, it was to pack gloves!! Derek, his mom, his sister and I started out on the railroad tracks where it was apparent that the sun did not want to cooperate with us; nonetheless, Derek toughed it out and I love the dedication he had for this shoot! 
Derek’s passion for paintball gave me some great inspiration as he pulled off great stoic poses. And the ironic vandalism that preceded us at our location couldn’t have been set up more perfectly. Paintball splatters were everywhere; however, no trigger was pulled from our party! We headed to the old stadium for a few shots until we couldn’t bear the cold any longer! The next day just happened to be Derek’s K-State college visit so it was convenient to reschedule! We started right where we left off and I couldn’t be happier for the pause in between the sessions. Rarely do I have a chance to take photos, stop and assess my strengths and weaknesses and then continue the shoot the next day. We decided to continue on the back side of Aggieville for more great paintball photos. I would have to say I am partial to these overall because I felt like Derek was in his element with his gear in place and his game face on!
BTW, Gameface = Money shots.
We finished off with some more formal type shots and some great laughs induced by mom. I wasn’t sure I was going to get it out of him! Thanks Derek, Freda and Amber for sticking out the cold, I truly hope you love the photos1

You can view all of the photos through his online gallery: Derek’s Senior Portraits! And be sure to check out his slideshow! 🙂

Time for the slideshow! 🙂