He is back and cuter than ever!!! I had the pleasure of capturing more adorable moments of the Olsen family. Back in May, Chris had a session with Luke, Jennifer and Keaton and then four months later, it was my turn! It definitely wasn’t hard to make this family look good…as Chris put it “they could be soap opera stars!” and he couldn’t be more right!!
This time we ventured onto the K-State campus for some fabulous shots! With the perfect amount of sun rays peeking through we were able to get some great intimate shots. The combination of mom and dad’s great smiles and Keaton’s amazing brown eyes made it really happy to love the shots I was taking (I hope they do too)!
After leaving K-State, we were able to get a few silhouette shots at the overlook on 177 to finish up the evening. I was able to pry Keaton out of mom and dad’s arms to get a few shots of the adorable couple…let me repeat ADORABLE COUPLE!!!
You may have seen a black and white version of one of their shots at Commerce Bank in the student union at K-State, the Olsen family graciously allowed us to feature their beautiful family during Commerce Bank’s Small Business Appreciation month!
Thank you Luke, Jennifer and Keaton it was a pleasure working with you! I can’t wait to see Keaton grow up! You can view all of their pictures through their online gallery: The Olsen Family!
Check out their rockin slideshow!