I have always thought that the Monday after the long and stuff-your-mouth-until-you-can’t-possibly-eat-anymore-take-a-nap-and-then-do-it-all-over-again Thanksgiving holiday is by far the most difficult day to come to work of the entire year! Seriously, after spending time with family and friends, eating gluttonous amounts of awesome food, laughing and relaxing for multiple days…it just does not get any better than that!
So I hope that all of you had an SUH-WEET holiday break filled with tradition, appreciation and awesomness and I am hoping I can entertain you with a few pictures that I took of NYC on Thanksgiving day. Unfortunately, I was unable to go downtown for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, but I took some photos of the area afterward and then I headed north to Bryant Park to watch a few ice skaters! Brisa was at work all day, so I had time to play! πŸ™‚
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This is our subway stop: Bergen Street and I have been wanting to take a few pictures of it to help us remember our time in Brooklyn. I really liked the individual frames that the columns created in the picture and how you see a fleeting glimpse of the little girl being lead by one of his parents out of the picture.

A ton of the streets were still blocked around 4pm as they were cleaning up the parade route and I snapped this picture of the gravitating factor of the parade, Macy’s. On a similar note, Brisa and I checked out this massive Macy’s last night and I will sum up my experience in two words: simply overwhelmed.

Β Often, I shoot from my hip. Literally, as I have my camera in hand, I will just take shots (like the next 2) that look visually appealing to me without stopping and setting up the shot. Honestly, some of my favorite pictures of all time have been shot in this method (read: nobody has ever accused me of being a perfectionist). The other reason for shooting this way (to me), is so that you can capture people 100% candidly. Yes, it is a tad voyeuristic, but I love the results!
With the streets cleared from traffic, I had a blast playing in the middle of them!
A couple was sitting and I believe watching a video on their laptop in the Bryant Park area. Isn’t technology crazy? Seriously, it stills blows my mind what it allows you to do and where. I set my camera on a tabletop and shot this from a bit of distance to get the reflection of the trees off of the table and I think it frames the couple quite well.
When Brisa and I were youngins, we traveled to NY to visit my sister for New Year’s Eve which also documented my first ice skating experience. It took me, literally, an hour to circle the rink once at Central Park with Brisa propping me up the entire time. And it always brings a smile to my face
Miraculously, I never fell down (thanks to Brisa) like this guy (who seems to be rather enjoying himself)
2009 Thanksgiving Day in NY was absolutely beautiful!
And finally a little slow shutter speed action to get you in the Christmas spirit!
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