Today, I had an opportunity to put on my photojournalism pants and help document a fire that occurred not too far from my apartment. Here is one of the reasons why I always have my gear ready, just in case I need to grab it and go!
If any of you know members of these fire departments, I’ll happily send them the high resolution pictures! Just let me know!
I was hoping to post this video like 8 hours ago, but due to some technical difficulties, here it is now. From what I have heard on the street, thankfully, nobody was injured. Many thanks to all of the tireless firefighters, police officers, paramedics and emergency service workers for their efforts in containing and extinguishing the fire. Lastly, many prayers to the victims of the fire. Regardless of who is at fault, everyone loses and so I hope that the community helps the victims recover in time to enjoy this holiday season.

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