Through my time in Kansas, I met more military men, women and families than at any point in my life and I really learned about the deep sacrifices and never-ending commitment to our country that they endure and demonstrate. Without that opportunity, I would be entirely clueless and my thought processes would be entirely dominated by stereotypes. And it is sad to admit, but I now have a greater appreciation and respect for all of those connected to the military and I hope everybody takes the time to meet, learn and honor military families.

Regardless of how you feel about war, I believe it is unpatriotic to not support our armed forces. So today and really, everyday, I encourage you to think about these men, women and families who have given so much of their lives to protect the liberties that we unconsciously take for granted because without their dedication, commitment and sacrifices, our way of life would be drastically, drastically compromised.

My wish is that each of you say a prayer today and as often as possible for the well being and livelihood of all military veterans, active duty and future military service men and women and thank them for everything they do.

Thank you.

And a very special thank you to my associate photographer, Brandi, because she is a military spouse and  I greatly respect her and her husband’s lifestyle and love for this country.

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