I am a little late about blogging this, but I’ve started a mini photography project to keep my creativity flowing in between weddings and portrait sessions. For those of you who have been following this blog, you might recognize this project that I originally started almost a year ago and that I never finished. So hopefully this time, I can finish all 52 weeks! 🙂

So in one fell swoop, I’m going to catch you all up on what I’ve done so far and I promise that I’ll be blogging about it each week!

Week 1: Free for All (Click the link to check out my original Week 1: Free for All)

This is my nephew Matthias. Shot this past weekend. I just love his expression and I really really love natural light on babies/children 🙂

Photog Info:
Natural Light
ISO 1600
SS 1/200
Canon 40D
Sigma 50 f/1.4 lens
Lightroom 2.5

Week 2: Introduce Yourself (Click the link to check out my original Week 2: Introduce Yourself)

Wanted to play around with some flash work, so here’s what I cam up with. A couple of things that are at the forefront of my life: my faith and my marriage and I wanted to show that I don’t look down/up to those two elements, but instead they are always part of my vision going forward.

Let me know what you think!

Photo Info:
ISO 250
SS 1/2500
Canon 40D
Sigma 50 f/1.4 lens
FEC +2
580exII on camera
580exII camera right (on the floor)
Lightroom 2.5

Week 3: Show Us Your Hometown (Click the link to check out my original Week 3: Hometown)

Well I can’t really claim Brooklyn as my hometown, but I’ll try anyways! 🙂 One of the most iconic things about NYC/Brooklyn are the taxi cabs. Literally, they are everywhere! Tried to do a little panning action to show the cyclist and taxis in motion.

Photog Info:
ISO 800
SS 1/100
Canon 40D
Canon 16-35 f/2.8L lens
Lightroom 2.5

Week 4: Water (Skipped this week due to a death in the family: RIP Maxie)

Sorry this is so late! So it’s been raining a LOT in Brooklyn lately, so I wanted to take advantage and try something new. Initially, I wanted to photograph a droplet of water falling vertically, but as I was trying to do that (and failing), these droplets started running off the roof top. Many times, in photography (and in life), you just get lucky 🙂 I really like the outward trajectory of the droplets. btw, i cropped this photo a TON.

Photog Info:
ISO 400
SS 1/1250
Canon 5DII
Sigma 50 f/1.4
Lightroom 3 Beta

Week 5: Sports (Click the link to check out my original Week 5: Sports)

I had the awesome opportunity to go out and witness the 2009 NYC Marathon. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience! I really like this picture because it shows the crowd and how supportive people are and how they line the streets to cheer on complete strangers as they run the marathon 🙂

Photog Info:
ISO 2000
SS 1/3200
Canon 5DII
Canon 70-200 f/2.8
Lightroom 3 Beta

For those of you interested in participating, PLEASE do! Here is the full list of 52 Weeks of Awesomeness!

Week 1 Free for All

Week 2 Introduction of yourself
Week 3 Show us your Hometown
Week 4 Water
Week 5 Sports (anything related, teams, players, equipment, etc,)
Week 6 Botanical
Week 7 ONE object shot at 5 different angels/distances
Week 8 One for the road (signs, streets, traffic, etc.)
Week 9 Objects that tell something about you
Week 10 Things that make your life easier
Week 11 Your favorite color
Week 12 Household items
Week 13 Foods
Week 14 Something Slimy
Week 15 Sun (sunlight, sunset, sunrise, etc)
Week 16 Emotions
Week 17 Something old
Week 18 What you do outside the world of photography
Week 19 Weather
Week 20 Emotional attachment (heirloom/special gift, ect.)
Week 21 Pets
Week 22 Things you couldn’t live without
Week 23 Habits
Week 24 Fire (candle, fireplace, etc.)
Week 25 Scrapbooking (stash, room, lo’s, etc)
Week 26 Textures
Week 27 Hands
Week 28 Shoes
Week 29 Favorite Jewerly
Week 30 Generations
Week 31 Hot
Week 32 Fill the Frame (close ups)
Week 33 A week in our lives
Week 34 Faith (what you believe)
Week 35 Dance (body in motion)
Week 36 Family & Friends
Week 37 SOOC…from that to this…before & afters
Week 38 Patriotic
Week 39 Object: straight up shots and then straight down shots
Week 40 Nighttime
Week 41 Something that gives you the feeling of warmth or cold
Week 42 Pictures of words
Week 43 Chores I hate
Week 44 Animals
Week 45 Music
Week 46 Reflections/Shadows
Week 47 Flowers
Week 48 Sleep
Week 49 Action Shots
Week 50 Wheels
Week 51 Wrapping (gifts, baby, foods, etc.)
Week 52 Guilty pleasures

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