What a day…what a day! Kristin and Chris…Chris and Kristin! A match made in heaven! Yes, I am incredibly lame, but couples like Kristin and Chris just make me feel sooooo incredibly blessed to be a wedding photographer. Seriously. After our initial meeting at Little Apple Brewery to their engagement session with the adorably cute Dudley, I have had the honor and pleasure in really getting to know Kristin and Chris and their families too!

Brandi and I teamed up to provide full coverage of their big day in Manhattan! How can you not appreciate stunning weather, gorgeous bridesmaids, well behaved groomsmen (this is quite rare), an emotional ceremony at the First Presbyterian Church, a bare-foot race at K-State’s Old Stadium under the lights, a ROCKIN live band and a dance party in the K-State Alumni Center that wouldn’t stop dancing even when they turned the lights back on! Yes, that was their wedding day in a nutshell and it was second to none!

You’ll love the way that Kristin and Chris look at each other. Honestly. It melts your heart. After they had run off to their honeymoon, I spoke to the mother of the bride and she told me that her daughter has never looked at anyone the way she looks at Chris and then we just smiled at each other because we both knew they are perfect for each other!

Above all else, Kristin truly glowed on her wedding day. She was fantastically radiant and her beauty left everyone else in awe. Without a doubt though, Kristin’s contagious smile set the over joyous tone of the evening and we were quite pleased to witness it all! Thank you again so much for selecting us as your wedding photographers! We had an Ah-MAY-zing time with all of you!!!

You can view all of their pictures and order any professional prints that you’d like through their online gallery: Kristin & Chris ~ Love!

Brandi’s shot

The details in Kristin’s dress were absolutely beautiful!

This was brilliant! Kristin and Chris prepared tubs for each member of the wedding party to keep everything organized and ready to go right after the ceremony!

Definitely one of my favorite shoe shots ever!

The fellas needed to draw out their plan of attack for the ceremony 🙂

Brandi took the next 2 awesome shots!

Kristin and Chris opted to see each other beforehand and wanted to do their “First Look” in the ceremony with Kristin’s dad walking her down the aisle. PERFECT!

Brandi perfectly captured Chris’ reaction to seeing his soon to be bride for the first time!

Then we headed outside for some more portraits. Don’t you just love these two? So incredibly adorable together!

I really like the feel of this shot 🙂


Waiting for the bride…

During the ceremony, Brandi hung out on the second level and got this great shot of the entire wedding party!

Love the looks of the siblings as they watch the newlyweds first kiss as husband and wife!

One of my absolute favorite moments of a wedding is immediately after the bride and groom walk down the aisle and just have a special moment for themselves.

Then we headed to K-State’s campus for a little bit of FABULOUSNESS!

Even got a shot with a K-State icon…that’s right, Scooter Girl!

I leave Brandi and the bridesmaids alone for 2 seconds and madness ensues!

Onto the reception!

Brandi’s awesome cake cutting shot!

First dance

A race broke out. Literally. Jackets, shoes and socks off and then a 50 yard dash in Old Stadium. I believe there is video of it somewhere too!

Back to the dance floor!

And then out of the middle of nowhere, an awesome dancing tunnel of people took over the entire dance floor!

Then the lights went on, the staff started cleaning up and the band busted out “You Make Me Wanna Shout!”

“…a little bit softer now…”

Ladies looking as beautiful at the end of the night as they did in the beginning!

Good night!

You can view all of the pictures from Kristin and Chris’ wedding day in the slideshow below! Play your own favorite music, kick back, relax and click PLAY! 🙂

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