I had the opportunity to take part in an absolutely awesome experience! The ability to witness and play a major role in something super unique and meaningful is definitely one of the things that I love and cherish about photography! Dawn’s 20th wedding anniversary was approaching and her goal was to wear her wedding dress that was made by her mom and take pictures to give to her husband as a anniversary present! How awesome is that? Let me tell you the ways…a) she looks stunning in her original wedding dress after twenty years with no alterations, b) her mother made her dress and c) she wants to share her joy and accomplishments with her loving husband with memories he can savior and enjoy forever!

On a very early morning, Dawn had to sneak out of the house with her dress, shoes and makeup and we met at the Kansas State University Gardens to do a quick bridal session before she had to run off to work! Special thanks to my associate photographer, Brandi and to our friend, Debbie for helping us on that beautiful summer morning! Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of such a special, special occasion!

Enjoy the photos!

Dawn, absolutely rockin it in her dress!

Absolutely Bea-U-TI-ful!!!

My favorite shot of the day!