I think Karma is possibly the best name I’ve ever heard for a dog, besides my brother in law naming his dog, Genius, of course,…alas, think about it…Karma. Just makes so much sense! Dogs can warm your heart, they can anger you to wit’s end, but through it all, you love them through and through; hence, Karma 🙂

Ok, as you already know, I love dogs. Gotta write about them first. It’s my prerogative, so there. Dogs rule. Brandi and Dustin, proud parents of Karma, drove from Topeka for their AMAZING session in Manhattan! Seriously, more and more people should take fun photos with each other AFTER they get married! Why should the recently engaged couples have all the fun? I’ve learned that these “Anytime” sessions really help rekindle some of the love and passion that couples have for each other. Who doesn’t need a little refresher every once in a while, right??? 🙂

With the help of my assistant photographers, Brandi of La Brisa Photography, Eric of ELS Photography and Jill of Jill Grogg Photography, we started out at Wildcat Park and then headed to an undisclosed location to finish up our session! Seriously, I am fabulously blessed with unbelievable clients! Brandi and Dustin are super cute, fun, active and beautiful! Brandi is stunning. Absolutely stunning with a wonderfully sweet nature and laughter. Dustin is a race car driver, which automatically means he’s waaaaayyyy cooler than me and just one of those guys you want to be. Come on all you guys, you know you’d LOVE to be a race car driver. I could have hung out with them all evening! 🙂

Thank you guys sooo much for making the trip out to Manhattan (especially for bringing Karma) and having me take your photos! I had an absolute blast and I hope you did too!

You can view all of your pictures and order professional prints through your online gallery: Brandi & Dustin ~ Anytime! Enjoy!

See what I mean? Love my beau-TI-ful clients!


Can totally picture this enlarged or even on canvas in your house, guys! (Hint, hint, nudge nudge)