Ever since I found out that you could go under the waterfall at Pillsbury Crossing in Manhattan, I have been envisioning this one shot. I had no idea how it would turn out or even if it would turn out at all! First I had to find some awesome assistants to help me….Brandi and Sara….Check! Then I would need an awesome client who wouldn’t mind getting a little wet….Taylor…Check! Lastly, I would need to figure out how to get the shot without a) dropping all of my gear into the water b) falling into the water myself and c) actually getting the shot so I’m not wasting anybody’s time! Well, everything came together and I must admit, I’m super happy with the results!!! What do you think???

For all of you strobist fans out there, I used one 580exII on camera triggering one 580exII ~ camera left and one 430ex ~ camera right. ETTL, FEC +2

Camera settings:
ISO 320

A little behind the scenes love for you to see the setup!

I realize I say this about all of my clients, but I have definitely been absolutely blessed with super fun and amazing clients! Taylor was no exception! He had a ton of personality yet was very laidback and he had a willingness to do whatever I asked of him! There is a certain presidential-esque vibe from his look, I could definitely picture him in politics someday, couldn’t you? With that very comforting smile and his charming looks, I think he could easily win a few votes 🙂

We started at Pillsbury Crossing then headed over to Kansas State University’s Old Stadium and ended up at an undisclosed location where we did a few high fashion type shots that Taylor absolutely ROCKED! I had a fantastic time working with Taylor because of his awesome personality and I am pumped to find out what is in store for him in the future!

Thank you again for selecting me to take your senior portraits! Hope you like them! Also, special thanks to Taylor’s mom for taking a few behind the scene photos of all of us in action!!!

To view photos and order prints of A-FREAKING-mazing Taylor, visit his online gallery: Taylor ~ Senior Portraits! Now, enjoy the photos!

Absolutely LOVE Pillsbury Crossing! So many things you can do there and sooooo much fun! Really regret not going out there more often to take photos or just hang out with friends and our dogs!

For all of you fellow photogs out there, if you’ve ever seen pictures of yourselves in action, you’ll quickly realize how ridiculous your stances are while taking photos. It’s quite comical! Maybe that’s how we get such fabulous smiles from out clients??? 🙂

Headed over to Old Stadium for some sweet sunset shots! Had Taylor sit on these columns that are probably 50+ feet high with no ledge. He never even questioned it!

Aforementioned undisclosed location. I wanted a few edgier photos here and Taylor happily obliged!