The Hay family session was HOT! Literally (and figuratively, of course), with the humidity, it felt like 110 or something ridiculous like that! But the Hays are troopers and they weren’t going to let a little heat distract them from looking like professional models. Such a beautiful family who knew how to have some fun! With their gorgeous daughter, Jayme, maturing right before our eyes, I know that Suzy and Chris will have their hands full with all the boys soon 🙂 With the help of Brandi and Eric, of ELS Photography, we ventured all around the awesome Kansas State University’s campus. For all of you photographers out there, the K-State campus is absolutely fantastic for backdrops because you can walk less than 5 minutes and have very different but suh-weet backgrounds! From open grass areas, to dense trees, to buildings but of course, all of the limestone too, you can find a diverse set of areas to do all kinds of shoots there!

Anyways, back to the amazing Hays! Throughout the evening, I think it actually got warmer, but that did not prevent from doing some fun activities (which made for GREAT candids) nor did it stop them from getting all close and touchy like a happy family they are!

Absolutely must give a quick shout out to Suzy here for being an awesome awesome client! She has been singing the praises of La Brisa Photography ever since we met and I can not thank her enough for all of her support and encouragement! Thanks Suzy! YOU ROCK!!!

To view and order professional prints of their photos, head over to their online gallery: The Hay Family!

Models, you ask? No, that’s the beautiful Suzy and Jayme absolutely ROCKIN it for this shot! 🙂

Love, love, LOVE moments like these!

This was during the complete failure that was trying to swing Jayme…

Hello Beautiful (Sorry Chris)!

Always inspiring to see couples look at each other like this even after many years of marriage 🙂

Not only are the Hays beautiful people…they can also LEVITATE!