You may recall the Redetzkes from their previous family and birthday sessions here and here! I just love being apart of documenting a family as it grows older and bigger! Sara is expecting again so Baby Joe will have a little sibling to follow him around and imitate everything that he does! How cute is Baby Joe? I remember way back when I took his 6 month photos and he was so small and happy…now, he’s just bigger and even happier! Per tradition, we took their photos at their beautiful house and in the park behind their home and it was fabulous! On a gorgeous day, we had a fantastic time running, playing, swinging and drilling. Yup, drilling. You’ll see 🙂

Can’t believe how much you’ve grown little man! Looking forward to seeing Brandi take more pictures of you and your baby brother/sister! Thanks again!!!

To view all of the photos, visit their online gallery: The Redetzke Family!

For whatever reason, Baby Joe kept licking AJ’s head…and it was absolutely HILARIOUS! AJ didn’t appreciate it so much, but Sara and I could NOT stop laughing!!!

Look and see just a few similarities between father and son 🙂

the absolutely glowing expectant mother…

Two boys sitting on the truck

Joe 🙂