With the birth of my first nephew, Matthias, and my second nephew on the way this summer, I notice children much more now than ever before in my past. I always point out how cute they are or if they have mixed parents to get an idea of what our kids will look like someday…And so, I was super excited to photograph the Dexters’ three boys because a) they are super cute b) they are super energetic = fun to photograph and c) you never know what to expect with boys, let alone three of them! 🙂
The Dexters are moving to Hawaii. Yes, be jealous. I know I am. I really want to go with them, but I don’t think Brisa will be too supportive of the idea. They wanted to do a quick family session before taking off and between balancing wrestling, soccer practice, packing, showing their house, etc, we were able to squeeze a 45 minute family session into their chaotic schedule! I’m so glad we did because the Dexters are a beautiful family! One of the things I really loved about this family is how much the kids love and respect their parents. That is one of those things that stills my heart because of my own relationship with my parents and I love other families sharing the same kind of closeness!
Thanks again to the Dexter family for allowing me to hang out with you all for a little while and see you in action! I loved the energy, the close relationships and joy that you share with each other!
You can view their entire session at their online gallery located at the following site: Dexter Family ~ Joy!