My wife is unbelievably awesome. 

That’s all I know how to describe her. She’s my everything. Today marks her last day of class for Veterinary School. Unreal, right? After 4 long years of meeting and overcoming ridiculous challenges, she has done it. She will be officially graduating in May, but today marks her last day of class and I could not be more proud of her. Not only is she an amazing student and classmate (I’m just a tad biased in this description), but she takes care of me and our canine and feline children as if she does not have any other responsibilities! She is the primary reason that I have a relationship with Jesus Christ. She pushed, encouraged and motivated me to go grad school. She has been CRAZY supportive of my photography business (which she also generously allowed me to use her name for my business). She did all this while simultaneously subjecting herself to, overcoming and excelling during the past 4 years of unfriendly academic expectations. These are just a few reasons why….Brisa is unbelievably awesome. We just have so much fun together and I would never give her up for anything!

My dearest wife, congratulations and I love you like crazy!
A couple fond memories from our past couple of years in Kansas…
Our engagement (photo courtesy of
Our wedding (photo courtesy of
Our honeymoon
With my parents in front of our first home
Our love