One of my best friends, Anobel, is taking pictures, amazing pictures. Why is that important? Well, I’ll let him explain his goal: “to better understand the healthcare issues faced by Assyrian and Palestinian refugees living in Jordan and Syria.” Since early February, he has been traveling all across both countries visiting health clinics and refugee camps to document the struggles and persistence of these displaced people. He will spend the next few weeks traveling around the area and work on editing and critiquing his project before heading back to the States. With the help of his new found friend and fellow documentarian (yes, my own word), Adam, Anobel’s project is truly coming together with some magnificent and heart stopping results. After seeing some of the initial drafts of the project, I have no doubt that the story he portrays will greatly effect anyone who experiences it.
For more information about his project, you can follow his blog here:
To view some of his amazing photography work, go here:
You can view Adam’s information and follow his travels here:
Originally, I was planning on visiting Ano, but then we found out we are moving to Brooklyn, but someday, Ano and I will voyage on a photography documentary excursion together and I am chomping at the bit! 🙂
Here are a few of the stories being told from his journey. Check out his blog to read more and follow his “dispatches from here”. Photos shown with permission. All rights reserved ~ Anobel Odisho Photography.