Last night, a huge storm rolled through Kansas and pretty much all of the Midwest and I could not pass up the opportunity to add to my Kansas Project and try to take some epic storm pictures! My buddy Travis and I headed out with our cameras to see what we could do and granted, neither of us are well versed in landscape photography so it was an awesome opportunity to practice 🙂 A couple of things I learned: 1) always, always use a tripod for this type of work (doh!) and 2) No trespassing signs are just there for decoration, don’t let them limit you from getting the shot you want (within reason of course)!
We were totally lucky last night. Found a spot where we never got wet and watched the storm blow right by us on the way to Manhattan! Travis said it was the most beautiful sky he’s ever seen and it was hard to disagree. The billowing clouds were incredibly dramatic and surreal and they totally made me feel small and insignificant: a truly humbling experience. Reports said that we were out in 60-80 mph winds and we could hear the winds violently and unabashingly howling in the storm above us. Now, I wish I had more experience so that I could better portray the power and majesty of last night’s storm. Here are my feeble attempts of documenting God’s creation. Enjoy 🙂