“How do you know so much about photography?” asked Brisa when I told her that I was organizing a photography workshop. Gotta love spousal support, right? One of my main goals of my photography career is to always find ways to give back whenever I can! I love teaching people things because I really feel that I have the patience and ability to convey and enlighten others. So I asked Lindsay and Matt to model for my workshop and I put together a faux-couple’s session to show people how I go about posing and interacting with my clients. You may remember them from Amie & Paul’s awesome wedding as Matt is Paul’s brother and best man and I was able to take a few fun photobooth-esque shots of this beautiful couple!

We headed to a location where I’ve never shot before and I was super excited about the opportunity to scout it out!!! Lindsay and Matt were absolutely awesome! Not only are they totally in love, but they are gorgeous and so trusting of whatever I suggested! 🙂 A special thanks to my assistant, Sarah, for taking some rockin behind the scenes shots!

A few of the photographers in action…

Now for a few of our awesome models, Lindsay and Matt!

Ok, so Sarah took some pictures of moi in action and one thing I always do with my clients is show them how I would like them to pose. I never thought about how ridiculous I look until I saw this…

and this is what came next (much much better when Lindsay does it)!

and here is the final product of the pose!

Thanks again to everyone who came to the workshop! Can’t wait to see your pictures! For all of your aspiring photographers, feel free to contact me about our next workshop! The more the merrier!

Finally, here are a few more of Lindsay and Matt from our session. Feel free to go to www.labrisaphotography.com and click on “Clients” to see the rest of the session!