In a nutshell, Kacie and Monte’s wedding might have been the funnest wedding ever! Everyone was super friendly, easygoing and ready to enjoy themselves and when you are working under those conditions…it’s difficult NOT to have a blast! Sarah of Sarah Jeanne Photography again joined me for this EPIC Friday night event at the Loretto in Kansas City!

You may remember Kacie and Monte and their canine kids from their engagement shoot that you can revisit here. After meeting them for their engagement shoot, I was super excited about their wedding because they are two incredibly joyful and upbeat people and contagiously so!

Sarah and I started off with some suh-weet detail shots of the little things…

And I wanted to try something new and different with Kacie and Monte’s wedding favors. I was terrified when I tried it and Sarah thought I was absolutely crazy, but I think it turned out awesome and unique! Sorry guys, but I didn’t have the heart to tell you until now…hope you aren’t mad! 🙂

How can you complain when you work with this gorgeousness…seriously!

Love these portraits after their “first look”!!!

And then as only originals such as Kacie and Monte can do, they had the shortest ceremony in La Brisa Photography history……7 minutes!!!

Then it was time to PARTY! And party we did! From an open bar to cigars to delicious cupcakes, to the Ah-MAH-ZING DJ, seriously definitely the best DJ I’ve ever worked with at a wedding! Jeff Holmes of Holmes Music World…do yourself a favor and check him out if you need some sweet tunes!

and then let the REAL fun begin!

Thanks again Kacie and Monte for selecting me as your wedding photographer!!! Sarah and I had an absolute blast and both of your families and friends were incredible! To view all of your photos, please go to and click on “Clients”! Congratulations!!!