For the next 8 weeks, Paz will be stuck in her crate and that makes me super sad 🙁 BUT, I am super happy that we were able to figure out what was wrong with our big girl and get it fixed! She had a partially torn ACL (for us human types)…I know it’s not really her ACL, but my wife says that’s the closest thing that I would know 🙂

For those of you who don’t know the story, I found Paz while I was living in Northern Virginia with my sister and brother in law. On MLK day in 2006, we drove out to the border of Virginia and West Virginia and immediately fell in love with this little girl:

How could you not love that face? Apparently, Paz and 6 of her siblings were found in a deserted house in the West Virginia mountains and Paz was definitely the runt of the litter. So we had to bring her home! Here is Paz’s first meeting with her canine cousin, Genius…

And here is Paz meeting her mom for the first time (oh the memories!)!!!

And now here is the big girl all grown up and stuck in her crate for the next 8 weeks. It really does break my heart. Every day since hersurgery, I make it a point to hang out with her for at least 30 minutes and lay near her crate 🙂

Of course Figgins and Porky need to make sure she’s doing okay too!

It’s amazing how pets can dominate your life (if you let them, of course) and Brisa and I wouldn’t have it any other way. They are our children and we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure they are healthy and happy (we’re such suckers)