In my first full year of running La Brisa Photography, everything exceeded my wildest expectations. From my equipment collection, to my learning curve of photography, to figuring out how to run a business, to my absolutely phenomenal clients of whom many I consider friends today, to my wonderful familiy and friends, but nothing compares to the support and love of my wife who has given me the strength and the opportunity to succeed. I cannot thank her enough for everything that she has done and the sacrifices she has made in order for me to pursue my passion!

In 2008, there were 9,448 visits to this blog and 5,009 visits to the main site. Unreal. I am totally blown away. Nearly 15,000 people have shown some sort of interest and I am speechless. Never in my wildest imaginations could I have come up with a number like that! For the blog, there were 16,525 total hits and for the main site there were 6,024 total hits. Again, unbelievable. God has truly blessed me with photography and I am so pleased that I am able to share it with so many of you!

I am super excited about 2009! The most exciting aspect for this upcoming year is that I have taken on an assistant photographer, Sarah of and she has been shooting with me for several weddings, engagment and family sessions already! She has an amazing eye for photography and I truly believe she is well on her way to becoming one of the best photographers in Kansas. Seriously, her natural ability is THAT awesome! Check out her site and take advantage of her lower rates during her initial startup because they definitely will not last long!

Happy New Year everyone and thanks again for all of your love and support of La Brisa Photography!!!

p.s. i’ll be blogging a TON of sessions soon!