We are home in California for Christmas! Brisa and I were super excited to leave the ridiculously cold Kansas climate to go home to our family and friends in San Jose and Yorba Linda! It has been a whirlwind tour of Northern and Southern California, but the opportunity to visit both of our homes is too good to pass up!
Last night we attended a candlelight Christmas Eve service and the pastor challenged us to figure out what gifts we treasure the most and I must admit that my wife, Brisa, has been the greatest gift that God could ever give me. She is my jewel in the rough and I am incredibly thankful that God blessed me with someone so amazing for my unworthy self.
I encourage you all to celebrate and cherish your treasured gifts as we honor Christ’s birth.

Here are a few pictures of our trip so far! We’ve been eating like crazy (not surprising) and I realize now looking at myself how much weight I’ve gained lately (also not surprising) and like everyone else in America, I am going to work on losing some of my “excess” ASAP! The first is a picture of my great friend, Anobel and me. He is an amazing photographer and you can view his work at www.anobelodisho.com. We have known each other since our early high school years and we make it a point to see each other every time we get a chance! Also, we have my whole family minus my oldest sister and her husband. Biggest change is that my other sister is very pregnant and we were excited to finally see her growing belly! Merry Christmas all!