With Brisa recently taking her Boards exam for vet school (basically a test that covers everything she has learned or was supposed to have learned from the past 4 years) to my finals this week, it has been extremely busy at the Hsieh household! I apologize for not posting more lately, but life happens and so I was busy managing others things at the moment. Nonetheless, the show must go on! And so here is a quick slideshow of what we are currently working on! I am going to try my best to finish as many of these sessions before Christmas so that you can share them with your friends and family over the holidays! I appreciate your patience and understanding! 

Hope you all are staying warm and safe during this winter season! We had our first snowfall here in Manhattan last night and it’s been a doozy! Accidents galore and people fishtailing, it was a interesting morning commute to say the least!

Enjoy the slideshow and look for a ton of posts in the next fex days! By the way, this is what you’ll be viewing: Niki & Josh’s wedding, Jenny & Casey’s wedding, Emily & Tony’s engagement session, Amie & Paul’s wedding, Ashley & Bryant’s wedding, Gramkow Family session and the Dexter’s OpLove homecoming!