Recently we went out and did a fun session with our awesome friends, the Wodiskes! These kids are so cool, that they are even making us consider moving to their homeland of sunny Arizona. Whoa, right? Us, the California kids moving to Arizona? That’s right. The Wodiskes are THAT cool. Bound by their faith in Jesus Christ and their love for sharing the word, they are just contagiously energetic and fun people!

We went out to the gorgeous K-State campus because they really wanted to do some Lover’s Lane pictures for their Christmas cards (Don’t worry, we didn’t spoil the surprise for those of you expecting a card)! Are these kids not absolutely gorgeous? Seriously, they could be in the next American Eagle print ads, right? It was hard picking our favorites out of the session because they were all so awesome!

Thanks Wodiskes for being such amzing friends and congrats on spending your first Christmas together!

Enjoy their rockin slideshow!