Senior sessions are awesome. amazing. creative. unique. rockin. and so so much more! why are they all these things? because seniors are so dynamically different that it makes each session a new way to think creatively to match the personality and style of that person.

With all that being said, Alicia’s senior session was just that: individual, unique and special. We shot all around Alicia’s favorite spots in the Wamego area and that made the shoot that much better! Not only did we learn about new places to shoot, Alicia was super comfortable with the locations and just made our jobs that much easier!

Alicia has a background in dance, loves her kitties and put up with all of our antics throughout the session even though she had just taken her ACTs that morning! We had such a great time getting to know Alicia throughout our afternoon and we wish her the very best in college next year!

Thank you again for selecting us for your senior portraits! Enjoy the slideshow!!!