Based on Emily and Paul’s engagement session, we knew that their wedding would be 1) amazing 2) laid-back 3) family-oriented 4) emotional and 5) well planned and organized! And you know what? We were absolutely right on all accounts!

Everything worked out perfectly. The day was absolutely gorgeous. Everyone arrived on time. Emily & Paul had the best “First Look” ever! Just so incredibly sweet and touching. We were beaming from ear to ear as we were snapping away! One of the things that we loved about Emily and Paul’s wedding was how they incorporated friends and family into everything! From their nontraditional wedding party to the wedding official to their chauffeurs to all of their helpers, you could not help but notice how important family is to the both of them. And we LOVED it!

In between the reception and ceremony, we had the unique opportunity to take some pictures with a completely restored Model A Ford complete with chauffeurs and everything! Emily and Paul had set aside some time to do some portraits of just the two of them and we just ate it up!

Thank you again for selecting us as your wedding photographers! We wish you the very best and many blessings in the future!

Enjoy the slideshow 🙂