One of the things that we have been desperately wanting to do for a while now is to do a photo documentary on tailgating at K-State. Coming from a Division II school, we have never experienced tailgating like this. Simply, it is phenomenal. Row upon row of cars and people surround the stadium numerous hours prior to kickoff and are having an absolute blast eating, laughing and being merry! Washers, ladder golf, music, dancing, grilling…K-State tailgaters had everything. Not only is everyone well prepared, they are super generous and willing to share with anyone! We were offered all kinds of foods and drinks, but the topper was the 20+ person group Jello Shot! And they were kind enough to save us one for after we took the picture! We loved seeing everyone all dressed up and because of our love for dogs, we had to include them too!

We had a blast roaming around and meeting a ton of new people and we are planning on adding to this project hopefully with another game this season! Lastly, we decided to present the slideshow in black and white because we believe that it adds to the timelessness of the day; nonetheless, we are confident that you can still see the purple shine through!

Special thanks to all of the people who allowed us to take your picture and we sincerely appreciate the food and beverages! 🙂

Go K-State!