National Alpaca Farm Days? What? Because we are super cool, some of us went to Cedar Breaks Farm in Manhattan, Kansas to take advantage of a sweet opportunity to tour alpaca farms. Apparently, for a couple of days each year, all alpaca farms open up their doors and let anyone and everyone come and see how alpacas are raised!
How could we pass up such an opportunity? That’s right, we couldn’t. Robyn was our gracious host who introduced us to their alpacas and llama! Immediately, we fell in love with Nip, a baby alpaca (white one), who would follow Robyn around wherever she went like a little dog. You may be wondering how we can consider these animals to be cute, but once you meet them and pet them, they totally grow on you! They may have faces that only a mother could love, but we still think they are fun and really cool animals!
With prices ranging from $12,500 to $150,000 for these animals, Robyn was incredibly gracious by allowing us near them and more importantly, to get some awesome alpaca action shots! Possibly the highlight of the day was the very end, when Mr. Llama would not stop posing for pictures! Ears back, ears up, showing teeth, not showing teeth, he knew how to work it!
Thanks again Cedar Breaks Farm for sharing your animals with us!