This was by far our most emotional wedding that we have had to date. The love of Jessi’s family was so tangible and authentic that it was hard to pry your eyes away from them. They have such a raw magnetism and it was explicitly clear to all attending how much the family cared for each other. And then, to top it off, the looks of happiness and love shared between Jessi and Scott were simply amazing! Throughout their day, they would steal quick glances of each other and it would just make your heart melt. That is what weddings are all about!

Congratulations to both of you and your families! We had an absolute blast at your wedding: the sword fighting, the ridiculously hot-ness of the day, Scott not even sitting with his new wife as they drove away from the reception, the “Scotty’s Mom” serenade (awesome, by the way) and the sweet embraces shared by all! Many blessings to your marriage and to your new combined families!

~ Chris

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