It is rare when you get to see the backyard of the owners of a major landscaping and nursery company, let alone do a photo shoot there…and so when Mary led us on a dirt road into Keats, we knew we had to be going somewhere special. And this backyard did not disappoint. Absolutely gorgeous and enormous, it had everything: gazebos, bridges, open field, fences, etc.
Ok, now back to the Ewings and Claudia 🙂 So based on the vastness of area, Alicia, Bethany and Claudia had no idea that we would be running them all over the yard to showcase their unique looks and personalities. We could not stop laughing at Alicia and Bethany poking fun at each other and always giving their host sister, Claudia, a hard time everytime she would say something a little off. At the end, we finally roped Mary into taking a few with her girls and we were glad she did!