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I feel like a broken record, but it is that time for La Brisa to move again! Texas has been so welcoming and gracious to Brisa and me, but it is time for us to move on to something new! Since I launched La Brisa in January 2008, I’ve had a fairly active history of moving to new locations…

2008-2009 ~ Manhattan, KS
2009-2010 ~ Brooklyn, NY (old blog)
2010-2013 ~ Houston, TX (old blog)
2013-2015 ~ Marana, AZ (old blog)
2015-2016 ~ Arlington, TX
2016-???? ~ ????

For La Brisa’s 5th move, I figured I might as well have some fun and host the Where Is La Brisa Moving Contest!

All you need to do is correctly guess the city and state of La Brisa’s next location!

Three hints of La Brisa’s new headquarters!
1) The city’s population is less than 50,000
2) The city is located less than 25 miles from an NCAA Division 1 institution
3) The city is named for a Spanish word that ends with the letter “a” like Brisa

Comment with your guess (City, State) on this blog post (below), and on the picture of the above map on Instagram, on the La Brisa FB page and on my personal FB page!
One guess per person per media platform.
Deadline to guess is 11:59pm Hawaiian Time on March 16th, 2016!
Winners will receive a gift card for something fun!
Winners will be contacted on March 17th, 2016.
People who already know the new location are ineligible for this contest.
If multiple winners, chronological order will be the determining factor.

Photography Goals

I appreciate all of your continued love and support throughout the years! Thanks for playing!

~ Chris

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