I met Erin and Michael on an absolutely gorgeous Fall day in Kansas City. As I was walking up to our meeting spot, I immediately recognized them because they were sitting on a bench and were engaged with each other as if nobody else existed. Erin is flawlessly and classically beautiful. Michael is awesomely tall with exquisite style. Together, they are adorable, trusting and phenomenal. We explored Mill Creek Park and then after an outfit change, we ventured to the blue steps at the Plaza. The conditions were perfect all day, but then I was blown away by the gorgeousness of light at Penn Valley Park. With the vibrant Fall colors, amazing light and Erin and Michael incredibly immersed in each other, I was in photographer heaven. At the end, we finished up at the Liberty Memorial for a fantastic view of the KC skyline and then Erin and Michael rocked their lifts and dips for sunset!

Congratulations again on your engagement and thank you for trusting me with your Attraction Session. I am super pumped to photograph your summer 2014 wedding!

Mill Creek Park
Country Club Plaza
Penn Valley Park
National WWI Museum at Liberty Memorial

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