Welcome to La Brisa Photography! I am located in Tucson, AZ and I photograph commercial, portraits and weddings all over the United States as well as destination weddings worldwide. Originated in 2008, La Brisa has photographed over 215¬†weddings in 32 states and 6 countries. La Brisa Photography is named after my lovely wife who isn’t a photographer, but as she says it, she “puts the Brisa in La Brisa”!

My mission is to preserve relationships. I achieve this by utilizing my individual personality to interact, engage and evoke authenticity from my clients and then I photograph those genuine connections. I want to preserve your story at this time of your life for your future generations to enjoy.

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Chris Hsieh

The History of La Brisa!
2008-2009 ~ Manhattan, KS
2009-2010 ~ Brooklyn, NY
2010-2013 ~ Houston, TX
2013-2015 ~ Tucson, AZ
2015-2016 ~ Arlington, TX
2016-Present ~ Tucson, AZ

Tucson Wedding Photographer

When I started La Brisa in 2008, I always knew that I wanted to work with a team of photographers. The contributions of the following photographers are immeasurable. They went above and beyond to develop La Brisa into what it is today and I will be forever indebted to them. Since leaving La Brisa, they successfully launched their own photography businesses. Click the links to view their absolutely phenomenal work!

2009-2013 B Mussack now operating Just B Photo
2012-2015 Autumn Shoemaker now operating We Chase the Light
2013-2015 Sarah Gudeman now operating Sarah Gudeman Photography
2014-2015 Emma York now operating Emma York Photography

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