After 6 days, you have helped me raise $426.80 towards my $500.00 goal to donate to Becky Skinner’s medical expenses via Photography For a Cause! Since 2009, PFaC has raised over $23,000 to donate to charities, non-profits and personal causes. Thank you to everyone who has purchased photographs! With only 1 day left, I’m hoping you can help me reach my goal!

Becky Skinner’s Story…

Here is Becky’s story as told by her friend Won Tawn…

Becky is one of approximately 70,000 people in the entire world with Cystic Fibrosis and was told in her 20’s that she would not live to see her 36th birthday.

Due to medical advances and the fact that Becky is one of the most badass humans alive, we were able to celebrate her turning 37 in February of this year.

There is no real cure for CF right now, but with medical advances there is always hope. Becky was recently referred for a lung transplant which has the potential to give her many more years. Maybe even enough to live to see a cure.

But with medical bills mounting she and her husband John are trying their best to prepare for the future while taking care of things in the present.

Here is the reality. Becky has been given less time than most of us. Her brother died shortly after his 21st birthday of the same genetic disorder so she has grown up knowing full well the path set before her.

But in the time she has had, she has lived as if she would live forever. She has embraced a full life without limitations.

She married the love of her life. She went and got a Masters Degree in Psychology which she has used to help others. She is currently living as a light to others with her disease, spreading awareness to those around the world to what it means to live with CF. 

You can follow her story on instagram @beckwithcf and get an idea of what an incredible woman my friend truly is...

Becky Skinner Cystic Fibrosis

Becky is a La Brisa Bride who I’ve known Becky since elementary school. She is, undoubtedly, the best person you’ll ever meet.

As always, thank you for your continued love and support by purchasing and sharing my fine art and travel photographs!

~ Chris


If you are interested in donating directly to Becky’s medical expenses, go here – 65 Roses!


The photographs are separated into galleries by geographical regions. Here is a preview of the fine art images from each gallery. Go to to view all of my animal, fine art and travel photographs.

AFRICAGod's Window

Costa Rica Sunset

Portland Lighthouse Sunrise
Cafe Du Monde Beignets
WEST – UNITED STATESAlaska Princess Cruise Juneau


Until June 28th, 2019, I will be selling my fine art and travel photographs. A 4″x6″ photograph is only $6.00! My goal is to raise $500. Please help me, help Becky Skinner!

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