I didn’t hear you yowling for your breakfast this morning. For the past 4 years, you would obnoxiously and annoyingly yowl up to an hour before breakfast time to let us know that you were ready to eat. At times, it was extremely aggravating. Today, I just want to hear you one more time…

Yesterday, while we were at church, we came home to find Fritz had passed away. We were shocked and devastated. He’s been sick ever since we adopted him, but his sudden death was completely unexpected. Four years ago, Fritz stopped eating while being in the shelter and nearly died. He was so accustomed to loving and being loved by his previous owner that he didn’t transition well to life in solitude. The shelter brought him into to Brisa’s office to help him and she brought him back to life. Even on his deathbed, he’d roll over for belly rubs from Brisa. Soon after, he official became part of the Hsieh Family!

At that time, Fritz was malnourished, diabetic and had heart disease amongst a number of other ailments that Brisa could tell you about. He immediately bulldozed his way into our family and forced us to love him. He had more personality, attitude and timing than any pet I’ve ever met. As he became more embedded into our family, he grew more comfortable and he grew in size. Fritzy was a giant. I think at his peak, he was around 24 pounds. Legitimately, he was larger than life. Brisa showered him with so much love and gave him so many opportunities at life. Without her, Fritz would never had made it out of the shelter four years ago. She saved his life and he added so much to our lives.

Fritz loved food, his four legged brothers and sisters, belly rubs and snuggling. But, he loved Paxton the most. From the moment we brought Paxton home, Fritz sniffed him and immediately decided that they would be best friends. He graciously let Paxton sit on him, pat him on his back and snuggle with him. For whatever reason, Paxton loved head-butting Fritzy. It was incredibly cute and also incredibly weird. They were inseparable. Every morning when I would get Paxton out of bed, we’d go find Fritzy and Paxton would squeal with delight. They loved each other so much.

Thank you for blessing us Fritzy-Ritzy. Even with Paz, Pork Bun, Figgins, Bauer and Paxton, our house feels empty without you. You have no idea the impact you made on our family. I wholeheartedly believe that Paxton will always love pets because of you. Thank you for taking care of us. We love you and miss you.

Yesterday morning, I came home from my sunrise shoot and Fritz was laying in the bathroom. For whatever reason, I decided to photograph him and this is the last image of Fritzy-Ritzy that we have. Goodbye Big Buddy.

~ Chris

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