Photographer Candids Emma York La Brisa PhotographyHappy Birthday Emma!!! Amazing how much life has happened since your last birthday! In honor of your day, your friends wanted to send you well wishes!

Emma is the sweetest because…

…she is incredibly selfless and wants the very best for everyone around her even when it requires great sacrifice from herself. Emma’s faith is intentional in everything she does and her “all or nothing” mentality is admirable! Most importantly (to me), her awesome personality translates directly to the ethereal art that she creates! Happy Birthday Emma! ~ Chris Hsieh

…she can find the silver lining in any situation. She is always looking for the good in those around her and can lighten any moment. Happy birthday, Emma! ~ Sarah Gudeman

…there are so many people in emma’s life. between friends and family she always has something going on and people to catch up with, but every time i’ve ever met up with her or bumped into her she takes the time to have a genuine, un-hurried conversation. emma’s sweet personality really shines through to anyone that she’s around, or has the chance to talk to in person. happy birthday emma! ~ Autumn Shoemaker

…she is an awesome teacher/friend. She is always willing to help me with anything photography related or not. She cares for people well, whether she has known them her whole life or she has just meet them. She has a heart for JESUS, that doesn’t just define a part of her, but it defines all of her. Happy Birthday Emma! ~ Kristin Haverkamp

…she loves with a big heart! I love you dearly Em. I’m so proud of you. Happy Birthday, your Momma =) ~ Shea Newton

…she is a wonderful sister kindhearted very thoughtful person, and I’m happy to be her sister happy birthday I love you. ~ Sia Kellie

…she is so easily able to focus on everyone else! We wish you the best birthday (and it lands on the weekend….lucky)! Love, the Lovelaces!

…she loves her pug, Ruby, so much! ~ Brisa Hsieh

…she radiates joy! Joy that blesses those she is around. Happy Birthday Emma! I hope you feel the joy ten fold that you bless others with. ~ Bethany Meysenburg

…she just ‘refuels’ one’s heart and soul. And she also literally ‘refueled’ my vehicle once when I was in need. That’s when I knew she was somethin’ special. =) ~ Kayla Stallbaumer

…she is the the califragilistic to *anyone’s* super. She’s the sunshine to your cloudy day and the extra bounce and shine your hair’s been looking for all this time. She knows how to give anyone that extra pep in their step, that extra va to their voom. She’s sacrificial, but not artificial, a great photographer and an even better friend. Happy birthday, Emma! ~ Emma Wheatley

…she always has room for her friends! ~ Jeff Wheatley

…of her love towards everyone. She has such a big and goofy (extremely goofy) personality stuck in that tiny little body of hers. She’s gorgeous and awesome. And so much more. Casen wanted me to add that she’s such a great aunt to him. happy birthday my beautiful sister! Casen and I love you so much! ~ Lauren Boudreaux

…she has a heart made of gold
…she has an infectious laugh
…she has saaaawwweeeeet dance moves
…she always remembers the little things
…she lives out her faith in everything she does
Emma is the sweetest! Have a wonderful and joyful birthday Miss Emma! Love ~ Christina Gelvin

…she will do almost anything with you to make you feel supported. #absyntheshots ~ Amy Jones

…she always places others above herself. She is genuine, loving and kind. She always has a smile on her face and is constantly looking for ways to serve others. Emma is a wonderful Godly woman and has grown so much this year. I’m so proud of who my wife is and is becoming. Love you babe. ~ Jonathan

Here are a few behind the scenes candids of Emma in action! =)
Photographer Candids Emma York La Brisa Photography

Photographer Candids Emma York La Brisa PhotographyPhotographer Candids Emma York La Brisa Photography

Photographer Candids Emma York La Brisa Photography

Photographer Candids Emma York La Brisa Photography

Photographer Candids Emma York La Brisa PhotographyPhotographer Candids Emma York La Brisa Photography

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