Brisa Chris Wedding PhotoHappy 8 Year Anniversary to my Brisa! I cannot believe how quickly time has passed since our beautiful wedding! You have made me the happiest person ever because of how much you love, support and encourage me. Without you, I would probably be living at home with parents still. Yes, true story. Instead, we have been on numerous adventures together. We may have moved 5 times since our first home in Manhattan, KS, but throughout our marriage, I always feel at home when I am with you. You have grounded me with your honesty, you have lifted me up with your confidence in me and you are better than I deserve. Thank you for loving me so completely!

Thanks to for our wedding photos!HsiehWedding_0215

In the past year, we left Tucson…20140718_BrisaChris_001

…to come back to Texas! 20150322_BrisaChris_001

We went on an Alaskan cruise with my parents20140830_HsiehCruise_002


We traveled to Costa Rica20150105_CostaRica_031

And yet, we never stopped being us!20150321_BrisaChris_001

I wholeheartedly believe that love never fails because of you. Happy Anniversary Brisa!

~ Chris

7 Year Anniversary
6 Year Anniversary
5 Year Anniversary
4 Year Anniversary
3 Year Anniversary

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